Michael Wood demonstrated an innate talent for cryptography when, at the young age of 19, he designed REDOC-II – one of the of only unbreakable codes in existence today. The claim of impenetrability caught the attention of Eli Biham and Adi Shamir, the two Israelis who broke the standard US code designed by the National Security Agency.  Biham and Shamir published a paper confirming Michael Wood’s code was completely impervious to their method of attack.

The physical infrastructure of the internet was expanding at a chaotic rate during this time.  Michael Wood turned his cryptanalytic attention to finding a way to solving this real world problem.  He wrote software which instructed a computer how to decode the information flowing through its network wires.  The computer then used artificial intelligence to assemble the deciphered information into a real-time map of the worldwide physical infrastructure. This real-time representation of the network allowed for a manageable data communication environment.

The commercial success of this endeavor provided Michael Wood the benefit of early retirement.  He used this time to apply cryptanalysis to personal areas of interest.  For instance, he had been intrigued with the electrical ebb and flow of the human nervous system.  The parasympathetic nerves (which shut off the stress response when activated) cause subtle changes in the human heart rate.  Michael Wood developed a method to decipher the impact of the parasympathetic nerves in real-time and thereby measure the absolute level of their activity.  His cryptanalytic solution was imbedded within a stress reducing biofeedback device. The device has shown remarkable results in multiple clinical trials.

The cryptanalytic successes of designing an unbreakable code, decoding network bits and bytes, and deciphering real-time parasympathetic nerve activity assisted Michael Wood in cultivating experience in applying cryptanalytic thinking to extremely disparate fields.

As the teenage son of an evangelical pastor, he earned awards for memorizing entire books of the Bible word-for-word.  His cryptanalytic and religious worlds collided when he began to study the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He quickly realized the experience he gained in cryptanalytic thinking afforded him a unique opportunity to empirically solve some of the still outstanding ancient mysteries.

His initial success in making groundbreaking discoveries through cryptanalysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls further inflamed his passion for fusing the historical record, the Bible, and cryptography.  Today, Cryptographer Michael Wood’s full time devotion is deciphering the Koine Greek papyri, the Hebrew Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Aramaic documents found in Wadi Murabbat to unravel more ancient Biblical revelations.  His previous discoveries are documented in The Jerome ConspiracyThe Hidden BibleThe Jesus Secret, and Breaking the Romans Code.

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