Paul on Homosexuality


Did the Apostle Paul Really Condemn Homosexuality?

Paul on Homosexuality unveils Paul’s view of homosexuality in light of the first-century environment in which his letters were written. For example, the book documents that the Jewish nation separated the commandments of their law into two groups: Justices and Jobs.

  • The Justices were all the commandments based on the precept, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
  • The Jobs were all the rest.
Do not murder Do not eat shellfish
Do not steal Do not wear garments made out of two fabrics
Do not lie Men with genital injuries cannot enter the congregation
Do not rape Do not engage in homosexual intercourse
Do not commit adultery Do not have sex with your wife during her menstrual cycle

Paul wrote that only the Justice are part of Jesus’ Law (Romans 13.8-9). This is why he wrote that the Jobs (“works of the law”) don’t exonerate anyone before God (Romans 3.20, 28). In the historical setting in which Paul wrote these words, he very specifically stated that none of the Jobs are required by Jesus’ Law—including keeping the Levitical prohibition on homosexuality.