The Jesus Secret


The Greek language has evolved over four linguistic periods: Classical, Koine, Medieval, and Modern.  The New Testament section of the Christian Bible was written during the Koine Greek period.  However, knowledge of Koine Greek rapidly disappeared during the Medieval Age.

The New Testament was first translated directly from Greek into English in the seventeenth century.  But the scholars who did the translating didn’t know Koine Greek ever even existed.  Therefore they translated the Biblical text using Classical Greek meanings – meanings which were up to four hundred years out of date.

In all languages, the meanings of words are fluid and can change over time.  At one point, the English word ‘girl’ referred to a young person of either sex.  The English word ‘sophisticated’ once meant corrupted.  And the word ‘nice’ once referred to women with loose morals.  The meanings of words can change significantly in just a few centuries.  And this was the case between the Koine Greek meanings which were originally written and the Classical Greek meanings which the translators assigned.

At the turn of the twentieth century, archaeologists discovered a mother lode of Koine Greek papyri buried in the sands of Egypt.  The amount of material was so massive that it was measured by the ton when it was shipped to London for analysis.  Almost overnight, the world went from having none to literally tons of original Koine Greek manuscripts.

The Koine papyri provide the opportunity to reexamine afresh every single sentence in the New Testament.  They provide the opportunity to finally recover the original meanings of the text (meanings which were lost when the Classical Greek definitions were applied).

Cryptographer Michael Wood became intrigued with the idea of applying cryptanalysis to the Koine papyri to see if it was possible to use it to decipher a single, unified message among the New Testament writers.  The endeavor proved successful.  Michael Wood was able to assemble the writings of the various New Testament writers into a single, unified teaching based on the discovered Koine Greek meanings.  Yet the final result was unexpected.  The cryptanalytic solution presented in The Jesus Secret documents that Jesus’ central message was buried with the Koine language fifteen hundred years ago.